Choosing the Right Mentor
March 23, 2018 0

Choosing the Right Mentor

Some leaders are quite willing to give of their time to help other developing leaders – for some, it is a passion.  A good mentor can be an effective way to get the support, feedback and broader perspective that is so critical to your career advancement.  This is especially true for women business owners, managers and leaders who often face unique challenges in the workplace including glass ceilings, lower pay, gender bias, or male-dominated industries or offices.  Women supporting other women can be a powerful dynamic.


If you want to grow your career or business by finding and working with a mentor, start by asking yourself, “What do I want to gain from a mentoring relationship?”   For example, you may want to:


  • Learn more about management and leadership from an experienced leader
  • Work on developing a critical management skill or leadership competency
  • Increase your network or gain visibility at a higher level of your organization
  • Learn more about your company’s high-level strategies and initiatives from a person with a broader perspective
  • Obtain new perspective about the norms and customs of your company, how to be successful in your environment or what your company looks for in its leaders
  • Enhance your promotional opportunities
  • Gain practical business or management advice from an experienced, successful entrepreneur
  • Get new insights about your business from a mentor in your same or a similar industry
  • Broaden your knowledge about new business lines or expansions


Whatever your goals, you need a clear picture in mind of what you are trying to gain to help you choose the right mentor.  And choosing the right mentor is an important first step toward leveraging an opportunity to interact with and learn from more experienced, successful leaders and entrepreneurs.


Let’s chat about your experience or thoughts about mentoring relationships in our Facebook Community, She Leads – Women’s Leadership Development.  We can’t wait to meet you there!

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Debra Holland
Debra Holland

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