Strategic Planning & Management

Our consultants and meeting facilitators can provide the critical resources you need to bring your strategic management activities into focus.

Our team of strategic planning facilitators will lead your custom-built strategy session using best-practices, practical tools, and hands-on exercises so your team is collaborative and aligned during the entire strategic planning process.

What You Can Expect from She Leads Facilitated Sessions:

A well-articulated mission and vision: Reach consensus on why the organization exists, determine its primary business, identify its values, and create an image of what success will look like.


Agreement on priorities: Facilitators will guide you through identifying the broad approaches (strategies) for addressing critical issues and the results to be sought via (long-term and short-term) objectives and goals.


An organized, documented strategic plan: We will put the pieces together into one coherent document that is practical, implementable, and easily managed and monitored.

Benefits of Using She Leads Facilitation and Consulting Services

Focusing on what matters: Based on years of experience our team will guide yours to identify strategic decisions that are central to achieving your vision.


Create clarity: Through a practical, simple approach, you will develop a plan that creates clarity and consensus across the whole organization.


Increased commitment and accountability:  No one wants a plan that sits on the shelf. We’ll help you create a process to monitor your plan on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Strategic Management Consulting Services help you achieve your plan!

Strategic management is the management of an organization’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic management involves setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the internal organization, evaluating strategies including supporting initiatives and projects, and ensuring that management effectively rolls out the strategies across the organization. Our consultants and meeting facilitators can provide the critical resources you need to bring your strategic management activities into focus.


We can help you ensure your strategic management efforts are productive, strategic management activities are used to accomplish priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward the common goals set out in your strategic plan. We offer services for companies and organizations of all sizes. She Leads Strategic Planning Consultants will help bring a disciplined approach that produces fundamental decisions and actions to achieve your strategic goals.

Leadership Coaching

Ready to boost your personal success?

You have the qualifications.  You have the experience.  But with all the competition out there, you need an edge.  A personal leadership coach may be the advantage you’ve been looking for to propel your career to new heights.  Get unprecedented, one-on-one access to our uniquely qualified leadership coaches and their years of broad scope, highly successful leadership experience.  Your coach will help you create a solid personal development plan, apply sound leadership principals to your leadership challenges and accelerate your growth as a leader.


“Looking to strengthen your leadership skills?”

Want to strengthen your ability to coach employees to their full potential, more effectively assign work, or make better decisions?  These are just a few examples of the self-study online training courses available from She Leads.  Our training materials focus on practical step-by-step approaches that you can apply in your work life.  They are designed by experienced women professionals who applied the concepts during their own management careers, and whose mission is “sharing practical solutions to common problems facing women leaders”.


“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet


Or maybe you are looking for a cost-effective way to train your managers.  Whether you have two managers or 200, She Leads courses can deliver the critical leadership training so important to your business or company success.  Studies show managers have the single greatest impact on your business, yet many managers enter the job with little or no training.  If the most important investment you can make is in yourself, the next most important investment you can make is in your managers!

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