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The Importance of Communicating Your Vision

While most companies have a vision statement, research shows that almost 40 percent of employees do not know or understand their company’s mission and vision.  Yet, employees who do know the vision and find their organization’s vision meaningful have engagement levels that are 18 percentile points above average.  So what are the companies with the employees who know and understand vision doing differently?  The most common answer is:  leadership is diligent in communicating about vision.


How do these leaders articulate and translate the vision to their employees?  They stay on message, constantly interjecting their vision of the future into the conversation.  This is not to suggest that you stand and recite the company vision at the beginning of every meeting.  Using repetition as a leadership tool involves creatively finding ways to speak about the topic and express the idea in many ways.  You can also often gain insight by listening to how other leaders, particularly the company President, CEO or head of office, incorporate vision in their messaging.  By weaving the key points or concepts of your vision into meetings, discussions, speeches and written communications, you make it possible for different stakeholders to understand the vision in a variety of contexts.


Another way to bring your company vision to life for your employees is by helping them connect it to their day-to-day jobs.  Talk to your employees about how their specific activities and accomplishments support the future vision.  Tie in vision when you communicate plans, decisions or change to your employees.  It is not necessary to announce “this ties to our vision statement” – instead, your goal is to consistently refer to the concepts expressed in the vision.


When you communicate frequently about the vision and link it to current activities, you create opportunities to increase employee understanding and commitment.  You can create those “Ah-Ha” moments where employees suddenly think “now I get why the company is focused on a particular area” or “now I understand why a certain strategy is important!”


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Debra Holland
Debra Holland

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